New YEU webinars

Youth for Exchange and Understanding have prepared new webinars for you during this week.

Sicilian online cooking MASTERCLASS!

Learning by doing is one of the most common approaches in life we all do every day! Last “Coffee with YEU” some of us expressed the wish to learn how to cook and prepare something new, very fast, very easily without too much money or time spent in the supermarket, after all, it’s Coronatime! 😉 This Monday 14:30 CET we will have a Sicilian Chef Masterclass by Agata from YEU office, teaching us how to make the proper Sicilian pastry cream. Before you join, please be prepared and get the needed ingredients that you can find HERE.

Topic: Sicilian online cooking MASTERCLASS!
Time: Apr 6, 2020 02:30 PM Brussels
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Networking Better – Networking Bolder!

YEU International being a pan-European youth network for almost 40 years understands the importance of nurturing the bonds between its member organizations and constantly working on strengthening the same ones. This webinar is all about that! On Tuesday 14h CET, we will be guided by Diana (project manager of Armenian Progressive Youth), on the topics of networking, different types of networks and how to network better and in a more productive way.

Topic: Networking Better – Networking Bolder!
Time: Apr 7, 2020 02:00 PM Brussels
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Digital tools we (don’t) love and use!

We are continuing the practice to organize webinars on new and interesting topics, this time lead by Marinela a senior trainer from YEU PET. The webinar is intended to familiarise us with different online and digital tools, that can be used in various dimensions of youth work such as online learning, different NFE methods (teambuilding, simulation, brainstorming, gamification, reflection, discussion, presentation, creative expression, etc.), collaboration in a team, mentoring and project management. We will be focusing on intro-level familiarisation of different tools and how those can be applied in different working contexts considering the needs and conditions. We will try to showcase some of the tools by screen-sharing and if possible even trying them out. The webinar is set for Thursday 14h CET.

Topic: Digital tools we (don’t) love and use!
Time: Apr 9, 2020 02:00 PM Brussels
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