Agency for development and cooperation CEREBRA from Banja Luka is an NGO established in 2004. Since then, Cerebra was involved in numerous activities on local, regional, national, and international level. Only in previous Youth in Action Program, we had 20 partnerships and successful project implemented across the Europe.

Cerebra is youth organization, NGO that mainly works with youth although its target groups are older adults too. We organize educational events (seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences) to provide opportunities for the youth to learn skills that are required on the labor market. We believe thet acquiring modern/transferable skills and gaining experience from their peers are the most important elements for one’s development in our rapidly changing world.

Our Vision is to transfer the way young people work.

Our Mission is to support and empower young people and young leaders equipped with modern knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes required for success.
In this way, we want to enable young people to actively participate in our society and to help them in heir efforts to move from social margins through non-formal education.

The purpose and goal of establishing the Cerebra NGO is to promote development opportunities in the field of education, lifelong learning, economy, politics, and culture, as well as cooperation with similar organizations in the country and abroad in our country.

Our aims:

  • promotion and application of positive values of civil society, including respect for basic democratic principles and respect for the rule of law and protection of basic human rights,
  • promotion of greater participation of citizens in the development of the local community, local government, and regional initiatives,
  • affirmation of volunteer work,
  • promotion of modern principles of education including lifelong learning, vocational training, online education, retraining and additional training,
  • creating conditions for employment,
  • organizing seminars, conferences, conventions, and similar events that can benefit young people and other citizens,
  • promotion of sustainable regional development by enabling cooperation between the private, public, and non-governmental sectors,
  • encouraging and achieving cooperation with similar organizations in the country and the world,
  • breaking down prejudices and stereotypes,
  • rising awareness of the importance of quality and strategic management of human and natural resources to improve the general situation in society,
  • rising awareness of the importance of environmental protection,
  • improving the status of young people and other citizens,
  • improvement and development of the economy,
  • popularization and encouragement of the development of the knowledge society and information technologies,
  • encouraging entrepreneurship,
  • affirmation of women in society,
  • promotion of culture and sports.

Our methods:

Cerebra uses non-formal education methods to empower young people, to increase level of youth participation and to support young people in reaching their full protentional.

Our activities are predominantly aimed at educational programmes and travelling opportunities.

We are member organization of Youth Council of Republic of Srpska (youth umbrella organization in Republic of Srpska), and we are member of two international youth network:

  • YEU International – Youth for Exchange and Understanding International (youth international network with headquarter in Brussels).
  • ERYICA – European Youth Information and Counseling Agency (headquarter in Luxembourg)
    Cerebra is an NGO active in international field since 2008. Since than we are working on promotion and raising activism, youth work, social inclusion and integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and about European values and its cultural differences.

Being organizer and partner on many international youth exchanges and training courses we can contribute to the understanding youth work, youth participation, social inclusion, integration and volunteering in society and local community. In our opinion importance of youth work and especially youth workers are very big, and it can help to developing local community and supporting disadvantage young people.

Contact: ik.cerebra@gmail.com