Call for participants: Youth on the Move – InfoMobility (YoMIM) eLearning course

Online, 2 October – 10 November 2023

Staying in a previously unknown place, young people have different information needs than local users of youth information services. These needs require different answers. InfoMobility means providing information, guidance and counselling during young people’s permanence in another country. Practically, the Youth on the Move — InfoMobility (YoMIM) service complements the services offered by youth information providers by paying special regard to young people who take part in cross-border mobility – let it be voluntary or forced. Through the guidance and information YoMIM Guides provide, young people can make the most out of their stay abroad and access valuable information. By getting engaged in the YoMIM support, youth information services can also increase and maximise their impact on the target group and help young people with more diverse information needs.

Learning objectives of the YoMIM course

The YoMIM eLearning course offers participants an opportunity to learn and strengthen competences on providing information, guidance and counselling to mobile young people before, during and after their mobility.

The overall learning objectives of the course are:

  • to prepare YoMIM Guides with the skills, knowledge and practical information required to support them in their role of providing (quality) information to mobile youth; and
  • to ensure YoMIM Guides understand the values and attitudes needed to perform their role.

Evidence of Learning

By the end of the YoMIM Training Course, participants should demonstrate:

  • An awareness of the basic principles and background of YoMIM services concept;
  • An understanding of basic methods and approaches used to support young person to get ready for mobility experience;
  • An awareness of the skills, values, responsibilities and individual roles of the YoMIM Guides, as well as their abilities to define necessary frames and agree about necessary levels for their support to young people. This will enable the Guide to be able to define a young person’s personal needs and interests, and set-up priorities and directions for the short term.
  • An awareness of youth mobility experiences to be able to use it as motivation and new directions for other outgoing young people;
  • An understanding of the importance of networking, and possibilities to improve the cooperation within YoMIM network.

How is this eCourse organised?

The content of the eCourse has been divided to 6 different areas. Each area includes sessions, learning materials and activities and with learning expectations and deadlines.

The expected time to complete the course is 4-7 hours/week, approx. 30 hours in total. The course runs over 6 weeks. The nominating organisations are encouraged to include the eLearning activities in the working hours of the participants. Please be aware, that some of the learning activities are designed to involve also colleagues and young people participants work with.

In 2023, the course has been complemented by a module discussing information provision to young people in forced mobility situations. This is the first time that this new version is being delivered.

You can find further information about the course at:

The course includes three compulsory webinars:

  • Kick-off webinar: 2 October, 15-16:30 CET;
  • Mid-term webinar: 16 October, 15-16:30 CET; and
  • Closing webinar: 6 November, 15-16:30 CET.

The rest of the activities of the course are collaborative, which means that participants will work and actively communicate with each other during the 6 weeks. Therefore, it is important that participants allocate time to the course each week and progress at approximately the same pace.

Profile of participants

The participants of the course:

  • Work in a youth information centre and have experience as youth information worker;
  • Are willing to provide tailor-made youth information services to young people in a mobility situation;
  • Are willing to network with other youth information centres in order to provide a smooth mobility experience for young people;
  • Possess the language skills to complete the course in English;
  • Possess the digital skills and tools to learn in an eLearning environment;
  • Commit to completing the whole course in the scheduled time frame.

The eTrainers of the course will be Carolina Loureiro (Portugal) and Emilija Jarosaite (Lithuania), assisted by shadow trainer Milos Blagojević (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Participants will receive an ERYICA certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

Expected number of participants: 30

The course might attract a high level of interest, therefore we may be in a situation that a selection of participants will be necessary. If this is the case, this will be done based on the balance of the organisations represented in the training, the motivation and experience of applicants as expressed in the pre-registration form, and geographical and gender balance.

The course is free of charge. It is supported by the Council of Europe in the framework of the partnership agreement between the Council of Europe and ERYICA.

If you are interested, pre-register here by 21 September 2023 (midnight).

Applicants will be notified by 22 September 2023.

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