Call for trainer: Youth Work Recognition through Self-Assessment

Main information

Project dates: 12th of January – 17th of January 2022
Project place: Berovo, North Macedonia
Project partners: Agency for Development (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Center for Intercultural Dialogue (North Macedonia) and Youth for Exchange and Understanding (Belgium)
Number of Participants: 5 participants per country
Working language: English
Deadline for applying: 20 December 2021

About the training course

The training course will offer space for 15 youth workers and leaders. It aims to provide the youth workers and leaders in the recognition process with competencies to conduct self-assessment and peer-based reviews of youth workers. The training aims to train multipliers, youth workers, and decision-makers.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • To develop and prepare the overall program and working methodology.
  • Cooperate with the partner trainer and have regular communication with her/him and the coordinator.
  • Prepare and send the session outlines for each of the workshop sessions latest 7 days before the training.
  • To prepare a final report; this needs to be submitted to the project coordinator at latest 1 week after the training.
  • Facilitate the sessions and provide a suitable learning environment for all participants.
  • To have an evaluation with the project coordinator after the end of the training.


  • Develop an educational approach based on the principles and values of non-formal learning.
  • Transfer knowledge or values related to the activity to the group of learners.
  • Have knowledge and experience on topics covered by the training.
  • Ability to express clear thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Deal constructively with disagreements.
  • Creating an inspiring and safe learning environment.
  • Stimulating active participation, motivating and empowering learners.

More information:

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